Divisão de Engenharia Civil Ano: 2001

(Turma 2001, TGs 2001)

Título: Design of Experiments on Analysis of Composite Pressure Vessels

Autor: Rodrigo Otávio Ribeiro

Orientadores: Prof. Armando Zeferino Milioni e Pesq. Luis Eduardo Vergueiro Loures da Costa

Ano: 2001


In this work application of Design of Experiments (DOE) methods on investigation of process influence on burst pressure of composite pressure vessel is studied. Virtual experiments were conducted using an ANSYS platform model developed in a cooperation work between IAE (Aeronautics and Space Institute - Brazil) and RWTH-Aachen (Aachen University of Technology - Germany). Model parameterized variables allowed the simulation of changes in process factors as winding angle, composite thickness, fiber volume fraction and cure temperature. Factors that affect directly the winding angle (ex. winding method) and those which affect the composite strength (ex. fiber volume fraction) were found to have the most significant influence on burst pressure.